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Done-Rite Sealcoating specializes in the maintenance and repair of parking lots/pavement systems. Our services include seal-coating, cracksealing, line striping, Infrared reclamation, removal/replacement, Signage, parking stops, Handi-cap ramps, speed humps/bumps for property managers, commercial, retail, industrial and residential property.

Infrared Repair
Paving Service

Sealcoating is the key to a successful pavement maintenance program. It protects against damaging water penetration and surface oxidation plus the deterioration affects from gasoline & oil. It restores that New Black Finish look! Proper sealcoating will easily Double the life of your asphalt pavement.

The best way to prolong the life of your asphalt, is to apply a sealer on a regular basis. Seal-Coating every two to three years will help prevent surface deterioration.

The sooner asphalt is sealed after its initial installation the better. New asphalt should be sealed six months to a year from the date of installation. This gives the asphalt time to cure but seals in the oils and tars that give asphalt the flexibility to withstand traffic and the elements.

Proper prep work is the key. Crack sealing, patching, striping all go together. No sealer is a substitute for major asphalt repairs, and sealer will not adhere to dirty or oily surfaces. Done-Rite Inc. makes sure that the asphalt is properly cleaned, repaired and crack sealing is done prior to application.


  • Prevents Oxidation. Forms a tough protective coating.
  • Stops weather damage seal the porous asphalt surface and prevents water penetration.
  • Resists gas, oil and salts. Seals and protects from the deteriorating effects.
  • Beautifies and restores appearance to that like new finish. Enhances overall appearance of the property. The smooth even surface makes sweeping, snow removal and maintenance easier and less costly.

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